Collaborator Portrait – Pierre

2 Jul, 2019

One minute with…Pierre

Can you present your background in a few words?

After my bachelor’s degree, I first went to law school where I did 1 year before I decided to take the Air Force tests. I was accepted, but I still gave myself some time to think about it to be sure of my choice. While going around the universities, I stumbled upon a presentation of the urban planner’s career path and I got hooked right away.
So I chose this training that was more in line with what I wanted to do. For me, it was really exciting, both the historical and geographical study of cities around the world. I followed a 5-year course at the University of Nanterre which I concluded with an internship in a town. After graduation, I was hired in a research department dealing with energy consumption, but the assignments did not meet my expectations.
Thomas, a consulting engineer at tbmaestro, whom I knew, told me about the job opening. When I studied the job description, I found the job very interesting and despite a small apprehension that I hadn’t followed the same career path as the engineers, the company and I immediately hit it off. So I joined tbmaestro in April 2019.

“I like the fact that I’m in a company that lets you have your say, that lets you come up with ideas and express yourself freely…”

Pierre, tbmaestro consultant

What is your job today and what are your challenges?

The mission to which I have been assigned starts with a technical audit phase which allows me to build an occupational and functional guide through visits and interviews conducted on-site. At the end of this phase comes the strategic part!

My first challenge was to quickly acquire the tbmaestro methodology in order to be able to put it into practice on my mission, but also to have an added value to my training. At the same time, I can also bring a different vision and it is this diversity of profiles that is interesting.

What do you like best about being a consulting urban planner?

Being a consultant allows me to change sectors and projects as soon as the mission is over. It is also the fact that I can move around and have the opportunity to discover new places and people. I also like the consulting side and there is a certain autonomy which is pleasant.

What attracted you to tbmaestro?

The size of the company and the closeness between the employees. There are moments of concentration, but also of relaxation with the team: eating together, discussing and sharing, which is not everywhere. I like being in a company that lets you give your opinion and allows you to propose ideas and express yourself freely.
Also, what interested me was the sector of activity: asset management in its entirety. It’s interesting because you learn on a daily basis alongside colleagues who have been there for several years (via the feedback you get every week).

Do you have a passion, a specific hobby?

I love sports. What I love most of all is playing, and I have done a lot: martial arts, tennis, football, rugby, volleyball, table tennis, rowing… I do it in clubs and often even do competitions because I like to challenge and surpass myself.
I also love history, watching documentaries, spending time in museums… I’m passionate about it!

What have your passions brought you?

I’ve learned a lot from sports. I started doing individual sports when I was younger, but I quickly realized that what I liked most was team sports because we support each other.
This was very useful for me in team projects at university and then in the corporate world. You have to know how to stick together, to be a leader sometimes or to leave your place. That’s a principle that sport has taught me. I am also perseverant, I have a competitive side and I know how to question myself when it is necessary!

Pierre, tbmaestro Consultant

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