myA, my everyday asset database

myA helps you organize and shares with your teams the data and documents of your buildings and infrastructures in the cloud.
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Centralize your data on a single collaborative platform

With myA, your data is organized and accessible to authorized persons at any time, wherever you are.
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Don’t let any important information slip out

With myA, you can easily track and search for important information about your buildings and infrastructure.


Save time and focus on the essentials

With myA, choose a simple, intuitive, and powerful application that will increase the productivity of your teams.

An exhaustive and collaborative knowledge base

Organize, update, and easily find all the information (data, photos, and documents) of your buildings and infrastructure in one place.

Dynamic management of occupants and leases

Easily identify occupants (internal services, tenants, third parties) and optimize the use of your buildings. Define the allocated spaces and configure the duration, rent, and the taxes of the associated leases.

Monitoring of regulatory controls

Integrate the regulatory controls carried out on your buildings: safety commission, accessibility, electricity, gas, etc. Instantly identify the verifications carried out and the non-compliances noted. Plan the upcoming checks according to the regulations.

Visual exploitation of your data

Let your data speak! More than a simple heritage base, myA allows you to analyze your information using dynamic, configurable, and downloadable graphics. Visually interpret the daily challenges of managing your buildings and infrastructure.


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100 % web-based

myA is accessible online using an internet connection and your preferred browser. No installation on your servers is necessary. No installation on your servers is necessary.

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Save time by accessing all your data without any loading time.

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Customizable interface

Set up your interface in a few clicks by selecting and organizing the columns according to your needs.

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Customizable fields

Configure the available fields according to the specifics of your organization.

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Access management

Manage user access yourself and configure their rights easily (read, create, modify, delete).

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Data export

Export the application information in Excel format at any time.

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Data import

Set up all your data from an Excel file in total autonomy or with our assistance.


Storage available

Storage space included in your subscription. Adjust it at any time as needed.


Data protection

Your data is hosted in France. Our application complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


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