evA, web application

evA helps you to identify your work, monitor your projects, centralize your documents, and assess the health of your assets.
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Work inventory

List the obsolescence and compliance work to be carried out. Prioritize the actions to be carried out according to the associated risks.

Project management

Define your rehabilitation, construction, or demolition projects. Plan them and follow their progress.


Analyze the status of your assets with more than 100 dynamic graphs and make the appropriate decisions.

Document management

Centralize all the documents necessary for managing your assets (plans, diagnostics, photos, quotes, etc.).


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100 % web-based

evA is accessible online using an internet connection and your preferred browser. No installation on your servers is necessary. No installation on your servers is necessary.

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Save time by accessing all your data without any loading time.

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Customizable interface

Set up your interface in a few clicks by selecting and organizing the columns according to your needs.

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Data export

Export the application information in Excel format at any time.


Storage available

Storage space included in your subscription. Adjust it at any time as needed.


Data protection

Your data is hosted in France. Our application complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


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